Monday, 9 February 2015

Top 10 activities I do when I'm home alone

So a few days ago my parents had to leave the house for the night so I had the house to myself !!! :D
I absolutely love it when I get a bit of me time, so I thought I'd share what I like to do on these special nights in.

1) Get takeout - my parents nearly never get take out like neevvveerrr, even when they want take out they'll get a M&S Meal deal or a Tesco microwave meal. So when I'm free I hop in my car and get some grub!

2) Drive anywhere - I love driving its a freedom thing for me I absolutely love it <3 so when I get the chance I drive anywhere, I love just to see where I end up :) - this is before I go get take out.

3) I jump stomp and run in circles and dance horribly around my room - see my bedroom is directly above the living room so I have to be like a mouse in order that I don't distrub my parents watching TV downstairs so again when nobody is here I like to take advantage of this fact.

4) Loud music - so my mom hates music even genres of music that she likes after a while she just wants some peace and quiet so when nobody is here pump that music - this also aids no 3 of being active in my room. #karaoketime

5) Rate passers by - just like life hacks I love wiki-how and one activity I love to do now because of them is to rate passers by so people watching with a difference :) I usually rate their height, handbag, and shoes. If I am close enough I like to have a good look at their nails and makeup as I think this tells you a lot about a person. (wiki-how article here)

6) Jump on the bed naked - yep...

7) Do my nails - this is if Olivia hasn't already done them !

8) Have a bath - now you might always have baths but my bath is massive! Like I can fit 2 beany bags in it and yeah you get the idea sooooo cool :)

9) Watch friends - ahhhh comedy central <3 it ! Because we only have a sky box in the living room my parents get priority so it's only in the mornings usually when I can watch TV in there, so again take advantage and get comfy! (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)

10) Rearrange your room - now if you know me I love love love rearranging my furnature and this can be messy and loud. As the saying goes it's got to get messier to get cleaner :)

Doodles xxxx