About me

Hi I am Hannah, I am 17, and my birthday is June 6 1997.

I live in the UK, but have lived all over the world, such as Thailand and Singapore !

I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 Information Technology.

In my teenage years I've had a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences :)

Like most teenagers the internet is my life, I love Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

However my other interests include - Horse Riding, Reading, Organisation and Movies.

I've created this blog for a number of reasons such as

I wanted a new project to work on which would fill my time productively.

I like the idea of looking back over my life, I would absolutely love to be a vlogger on Youtube but I tried it and my family weren't supportive.

I want to help somebody? I have a notebook which I call my Wiki-how book and its full of their articles which I have written down. So by writing this blog I feel like other people reading it can feel like they are in the same boat as me when they thought nobody else was...

If you want to contact me either fill out the form at the bottom of the blog or email me at