Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Year Resolutions for 2015

Hello-ha everybody!

So I am trying to think of New Year Resolutions that I will actually keep so annoyingly New Years this year is on a Thursday which I hate, new years should always be on a Monday!

So this is what I've come up with so far....

1. Save money for more about this click here.
2. Go to bed at 10.30 to 11pm absolute latest AND wake up at 8am latest!
3. Be a better friend
4. Become fitter for more about this click here.
5. Spend my time more wisely and be more productive - on college days when I am at home I MUST WORK!

So each month I will review these 5 goals and maybe make 3 mini goals for that month / week? I don't know yet, I'll see how it goes :D

My Resolutions in more detail...
1. I need to save money to do this I will: 

a) Make a monthly wish list whatever I still want I can buy with a budget of £10 per month excess products get "rolled-over" to the next month. So that's £120 per year which is much more reasonable.

b) Try not to eat out as much instead invite friends over to eat at home and have a quiet night in?

c) Stop browsing if I don't go shopping I can't buy it so no more Amazon or Poundland!

d) Use Youtube as my new Spotify and watch film4 channel instead of buying movies.

Another useful tip might be to spend cash not card as it's physically handing over money instead of invisible cash which can have more an impact on whether you spend your money or not... but since I do most of my shopping online as it's cheaper this isn't something I'll be implementing.

2. Go to bed at 10.30 / 11 pm and get up at 8 am latest !
So lately I go to bed in the early hours of the morning and wake up around noon which when it's winter in England this isn't a good habit as it's dark again in 3/4 hours, lolz!
This can't continue especially when I go back to college so I am implementing a new routine for going to bed and waking up.

Night time
1. Jewellery and Makeup Removal
1. Take a shower to relax - including doing my other skincare
2. Pj's on and hair up! < My favorite part :)
3. Say night to my family downstairs and make a hot chocolate
3.Read - I used to be a total book worm but truthfully I barely read now so I need to get back into it!
4. Pee and teeth clean - who else gets all snug in bed, does the cold bed dance then realises they need to pee? ugh this drives me up the wall!
4. Final check of phone reply to messages but no social media!

1. Wake up without hitting the snooze button and hit the tunes
2. Do some form of exercise whether it's 5 minute abs or going for a jog
3. Breakfast - and try not to have Special K Cereal everyday!
3.5 Shower and wash hair if needed
4. Teeth, Skincare, put on Jewellery, Makeup and style my hair
5. Get dressed - stop staying in PJ's all day at least change into trackie bottoms!
6. Plan my day and what needs to get done / what work I need to do
7. Make my packed lunch if I need to
8. Pack my college bag - PACK LIGHT!

How to become fitter
To get me started I think I am going to keep it simple and just do the 30 day shred in January instead of saying I'm going to jog on a Monday, do Blogalites on a Tuesday, Dance on Wednesday etc... 
The 30 day shred is a workout DVD by Jillian Michael's which makes you workout hardcore for 20 minutes everyday! Although you can get it on Youtube here.

Lastly - Spending my time more wisely and productively

1. Plan my day in the morning hourly
2. If I am not at college that day make that day count and get on with an assignment even if it's not due yet.
3. Stop being bored the number of times when I know I am bored but yet I don't do anything. I know there is always something I should be doing whether it could be working, cleaning or blogging :)