Sunday, 28 December 2014

How to save money and my excessive spending!

I'd first like to start this by saying I am not bragging in any way in this post and if you don't like this type of post scroll down to the next.

So 31st December 2013 I had £30 fast forward to the 1st Jan 14 I had £22.32 
So that year I had spent £265.95 which I think isn't unreasonable for a year. But taking a closer look I'd say 90% is things like 99p and £2.69 purchases from Google Play etc... which I think I think I shouldn't have spent. But generally £22 is reasonable.

So the next year date - 2 Jan 14 and my balance is £22.32 ... fast forward to now I have £1.40 but £60.50 ish in cash. Which sounds better than last year however!

I've also spent a massive £528.80 like that blows my mind!

That's an average of £45 per month :O
Which is crazy... like I had spend mostly under £10 in the majority of my transactions and like 90% were under £20 max.

How on earth did I spend this much? 

  1. Eating out more, Wagamama and Nandos and other fast food makes a regular appearance on my bank statements. 
  2. Amazon - Amazon is a life saver and a curse... so I go out shopping write down what I like then I find it on Amazon for cheaper. So I think I am saving money but actually those purchases if they were originally £13 I wouldn't get them but find them for £5 ish on Amazon and I'll buy it. So although I save I'm not really saving because I'm buying a product I 99% wouldn't have if it was still £13 ish. 
  3. Google Play - My online life has gotten huge recently. I often buy books on Google Play, I bought some apps, I rent movies and buy them and if music is on sale I'll purchase it just because it's like 99p... bargain maybe but overall it's not!
  4. Subscriptions - Throughout the year I've had some sort of subscription whether it's Netflix or Lovefilm or Spotify or a gym membership.
    1. January Gym Membership
    2. Summer - Movie Subscriptions June to September
    3. Spotify - September to December

Which just goes to show how all the little things you pick up add up. For example £1.99 x5 is £9.95 so £10 which adds up more than you think over time.
So clearly being sensible with my money isn't my greatest strength to put it lightly.

2015 must be a saving year :/

How to save money

1. Make a monthly wish list whatever I still want I can buy with a budget of £10 per month excess products get "rolled-over" to the next month. So that's £120 per year which is much more reasonable.

2. Try not to eat out as much instead invite friends over to eat at home and have a quiet night in?

3. Stop browsing if I don't go shopping I can't buy it so no more Amazon or Poundland!

4. Use Youtube as my new Spotify and watch film4 channel instead of buying movies.