Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pushing Midgets!

So today I'm going to tell one of my favourite stories my mom tells me about when I was a toddler.

My family and I were on holiday at the pool side and I see a man and a woman, a couple who were midgets. I used to love midgets when I was younger... like I didn't love a particular midget I just loved that they were adults but still child size! (and to an extent I still do :P ).

So I see these midgets at the pool - they were just walking past going back to their hotel room when... SPLASH!

I had pushed them in :O 

Why? I don't remember but mom says it was my way of introducing myself and wanting to start playing with them. So they get out and mom and dad apologise and I probably had a time out.

But to this day I still think being a midget is the best... yes I know there are downsides but I've always wanted to be a kid but be in charge of my own life and a midget is as close as this as you can get in my opinion.