Saturday, 20 December 2014

About me and Why I started blogging

Hi I am Hannah, I am 17, and my birthday is June 6 1997.

I live in the UK, but have lived all over the world, such as Thailand and Singapore !

I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 Information Technology.

In my teenage years I've had a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences :)

Like most teenagers the internet is my life, I love Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

However my other interests include - Horse Riding, Reading, Organisation and Movies.

I've created this blog for a number of reasons such as

I wanted a new project to work on which would fill my time productively.

I like the idea of looking back over my life, I would absolutely love to be a vlogger on Youtube but I tried it and my family weren't supportive.

I want to help somebody? I have a notebook which I call my Wiki-how book and its full of their articles which I have written down. So by writing this blog I feel like other people reading it can feel like they are in the same boat as me when they thought nobody else was...