Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Accidentally deleting a blog post

So tonight I published a post about friendship which I spent ages on like it's a lonnnnngggg post.
Link to that post here

So when I discovered I accidentally deleted it I was not happy to say the least. I think it's so wrong that blogger doesn't have some sort of recycle bin for this kind of emergency!

Anyways the more important part is how I got it back,
I searched  Google so much and this is what worked for me.

First off read this article - here

Secondly summarizing what I did - Go into your internet history and in the search bar type in "" and simply go through every link opening it into a new tab until you find what your looking for.

Then copy and paste it into a word document, create a new post on Blogger - paste the hours of work back into the draft. Republish your hard work and thank whoever that you don't have to rewrite that post and instead you can .... well I am off to bed !