Monday, 12 January 2015

I love Life Hacks

I love life hacks. 

I love girlie lifehacks about nail polish, I love organisational lifehacks about how to store stuff under your soft for example. I love life hacks which I have no use for like DIY or home decorating.

These are some of my favourites I want to try out in the future:

From this source -

The only problem I have with these lifehacks about cables is that one how do you get the end of the cable which is bigger than the binder clip hole through.

Secondly how do you get the spring around the wire?!?!

                                                          I'd be peeing all day!

People think I am so weird when I ask for their soda tabs :P

I definitely need to start remembering if I've locked my car door because I have to go outside at 10pm to midnight and check and it's literally the most awful feeling because you can't go to sleep not knowing!

The writing is a fairly new one to me but looks cool :)

Hope you enjoyed !